5 New Year's Resolutions for Leaders

New Year’s resolutions are promises we give to ourselves, to do an act of self-improvement. They demand reflecting on the past, which is an effective way to put perspective on the past year, analyzing the do’s and don’ts and detecting the opportunities to grow in the future.  We present 5 New Year's “must make” Resolutions for Leaders.

1. Lead by example. Practice what you preach. You can’t expect others to do things the way you want them to be done, if even you can’t follow your own advice. Take a moment to evaluate yourself.

2. Seek inspiration. Inspiration makes impossible possible. Read, listen and watch more. Don’t stick to business genre only. You can find inspiration in art! Spend more time visiting exhibitions, reading poems, watching movies ... Let the art speak to you! Get outdoors – nature has always been an important inspiration, whatever the industry you are in. Look for innovations from other industries. Travel. Meet other people and form new connections. Get inspired and inspire others!

3. Talk less, listen more.  Leaders often share their ideas with all the details and then ask the rest of the team for input. By doing this, you lose the opportunity for others to speak their mind freely, without hesitation. Ask yourself: how likely it is for your employees to oppose your idea? Drive employee engagement: ask questions and listen to what others have to say. Take a step further and involve others in goal setting and planning.

4. Invest in health and wellbeing. Be more physically active and take your time to recharge your batteries. Individual sports help you reflect on yourself. Team sports strengthen bonds between people - invite your employees to join! The benefits of a healthy team spirit among employees are immeasurable.

5. Invest in continuing education. Today’s world is in a constant state of (r)evolution. The way we communicated, consumed information, purchased products, etc. yesterday, might be outdated today. Continuing education is therefore critical to developing you as a leader of today and tomorrow and keeping your company on the cutting edge of the industry. Do not forget the importance of investing in your employees’ education!

5 new years resolutions

Making your New Year's resolutions might be relatively easy, what about keeping them? Studies show 40% of people make resolutions and only 8% achieve their New Year’s goals. And keep in mind: resolutions can (and should) be made any day of the year, not only on New Year’s!


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