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EMBA InfoSession

by prof. Jim Ellert

EMBA InfoSession

by dr. Nenad Filipović

Combining presentation of the EMBA study at IEDC and lecture on Leadership Responses to Pandemic: What Works? 

DBA InfoSession

by dr. Drikus Kriek

Prof. Drikus Kriek, Dean and DBA Program Director presented information about IEDC DBA Program.

SLP InfoSession

by dr. Nenad Filipović

Prof. Nenad Filipović presents information about Senior Leadership Program.

GMP MasterClass

featuring the lecture on Strategic Decision Making by prof. Salman Mufti and presentation of the GMP program.

GMP MasterClass

combining presentation of the GMP, lecture on Leadership in Action: Jack Welch’s Ten Steps to Success as a Leader by prof. Danny Szpiro, and discussion with GMP Alumni.

YMP MasterClass

In this YMP Infosession, Dr. Nenad Filipović, IEDC Executive Education Director, together with two YMP alumni Ms. Anastasia Paruntseva, Head of Business Development @ G1ANT (Poland) and Ms. Zala Slana, HR Business Partner at Generali Zavarovalnica (Slovenia) explain what Young Managers Program at the IEDC-Bled School of Management is like, why is it a great option for "first-time managers" and what it takes to complete it.

YMP InfoSession

The IEDC Young Managers Program has welcomed more than 1800 people so far and has been a favourite choice for concise, short business course for young managers since it’s launch both among the companies and young entrepreneurs.

The success stories of our alumni is what makes us proud and reconfirms that what IEDC offers – a high quality executive education – has a lot of value and indirectly contributes to great changes in the communities that our alumni live in and work.

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