Face-to-face learning vs online learning

Mateja Božič

I learned about the quality and relevance of the IEDC executive education from my friends and colleagues at work who participated in many programs over the years. The knowledge and IEDC experience had a big impact on their personal and company performance.

Last year I was looking for a comprehensive and focused education that covers aspects of General Management and I heard about the General Management Program (GMP) at IEDC. The program consisting of two two-weekly modules was a perfect choice for me. The first module started in November 2019, and I was more than thrilled by the program itself. The GMP class with truly international participants allowed me to meet great colleagues, spend time together in study groups and free time and make life-long friends.

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I was eagerto continue in May with the final module, but due to the Covid-19 situation IEDC adapted to the situation with the virtual GMP delivery. We knew it will be different, but we were flexible and we adapted really fast. I was used to having virtual meetings from professional point of view, but never so long and many days in a row, as it was the case with GMP. We had sessions from mornings till afternoons. It was challenging especially with having kids at home, but virtual sessions were never longer than 1 hour and breaks were always set in a way we could refresh ourselves.

Comparing the two modules, I need to admit that I prefer face-to-face programs not only due to interactions with other participants, but also with professors that is easier by a “traditional way”.

If you want to be a successful online learner, it is pretty the same as if you are attending F2F sessions, you need to be dedicated to the program. And if you invest time and other resources to getting knowledge and skills, preparation and readiness for the sessions is a must.

Nevertheless, we really enjoyed the on-line lectures of prof. Salman Mufti and prof. Danny Szpiro but I am eager to meet new colleagues F2F in our last module in August at the IEDC, in Bled.

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