High Tech, High Touch: where the future of management education lies

Ivo Matser

Isn’t it incredible how such a tiny, invisible to a naked eye thing like a virus can profoundly change the way we interact, do business and lead our life? Almost overnight many of us found ourselves behind the screens at home. We had to move everything we could online to keep businesses going. For many of us it also meant to keep the schooling going.


While it’s been reiterated many times that online programs cannot replace a close contact, personal in-class experience and networking and socialization. What comes out as a general consensus is that a hybrid mode of teaching is the best alternative. And in fact, it becomes clear that it is a way that could bring the best of the two worlds together. Let me explain why I strongly believe that this is where the future of management education lies.

IEDC was really quick to respond to the situation when our flagship programs, the Executive MBA and the General Management Program, could not be run as usual. Many of our international participants got “grounded” due to a constantly changing red-green-yellow lists that their respective countries were placed on. Seeing that happening, the IEDC decided to synergize both virtual and in-class learning. By partnering with a MiTeam executive education platform IEDC made it possible for the programs to go on. The MiTeam executive education platform by far outperforms any classical conference calls providers, but at the same time provides a richer palette of tools needed by educational institutions. We’ve made it possible for our online participants to get the best out of the learning experience, to stay in a direct contact with a lecturer and classmates, and most importantly not to miss out on the dynamics of the whole group as well as small group work.


The hybrid mode of delivery, meaning happening simultaneously virtually and in-class, however, made us rethink and reshape the course structures, the methodology, the overall “dynamic” of the programs we offer. This is where you see the difference also between top class lecturers doing their job at their best and very experienced and skilful support staff seeing new ways of leveraging the technology. Not only their joint effort in figuring out the best channels for communication of ideas was remarkable, but they made the whole experience as smooth as it could be. Our classrooms are equipped with cameras, microphones, speakers, plasma screens, whiteboard, laptops, mixing boards…everything that is needed to respond to the virtual and in-class situations. Nowadays, when entering one of our classrooms, one can easily mix it up with a professional modern newsroom studio.


What we should keep in mind is that technology is just a tool. We are here to make sure it serves our needs in order to reach our goals – and that is delivering a highly relevant executive education that many managers are in such a need of. Especially today.
IEDC does rightly so carry the title of being a pioneer. What we do best is to make the needs of our clients – both companies and individual participants – our first priority. We do not want for you to have a compromised experience, we do want for you the best experience. That’s why we offer a “High Tech, High Touch” hybrid learning. As it was always the case, we want you to focus on your learning, while we take care of the rest.

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Dr. Nenad Filipović, Director of Executive Education, IEDC


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