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Ivo Matser

IEDC-Bled School of Management

Ivo Matser is the CEO of IEDC-Bled School of Management. He has vast international experience as a leader of business schools and his core expertise lies in the fields of marketing, innovation and institutional development. He was leading Twente School of Management in the Netherlands, ISM University of Management and Economics in Lithuania and GISMA Business University in Germany and the UK. He has been also leading the Academy of Business in Society (ABIS) in Brussels since 2018.

Prior to delving into the management of business education institutions, in 1992-2001, he was serving as an Interim Director or a Change Manager in various businesses such as professional services, sports, auditing companies, real estate, higher education. At the start of his career, he has also been working as a Managing Director at Brinkman Publishers (B2B magazines) in the Netherlands.

Hon. Dr. Ivo Matser, EMP, additionally holds a number of board positions in various institutions, namely FIBAA Institutional Accreditations (Germany), Raster (social welfare, the Netherlands and Kunstenlab (Arts Lab, Netherlands). Previously, he also held supervisory positions at NIMA (Netherlands Institute of Marketing), M&I (IT Consultants), Liberein (Care), Curatorium voor de Bouw (Construction Industry), Het Zand (Care) and Unitron (Engeneering for Energy Sector).

Moreover, he is actively involved in the field of Accreditations of educational institutions and programs and is a member and/or chair of Peer Review Teams for such accreditation bodies as FIBAA, NVAO, IQA, EKKA, SKVC.

Hon. Dr. Ivo Matser, EMP, is a Certified Expert Marketing Professional (Doctorate level for practitioners) and an expert in Leadership, Organizational Development and Change Management.

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