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Danica Purg and Elnura Irmatova publish an article “Leadership Education of the Future: A Vision for Business Educators”
An article entitled “Leadership Education of the Future: A Vision for Business Educators” written by Danica Purg and Elnura Irmatova was published in the Academy of International Business (AIB) Teaching & Education SIG

Bled, Slovenia, June 2023: We are delighted to share the latest insight “Leadership Education of the Future: A Vision for Business Educators” published by Prof. Danica Purg and IEDC doctoral researcher Elnura Irmatova in the Academy of International Business (AIB) Teaching & Education SIG.

In the article, they open a discussion on how business educators should respond to the contextual changes of the future, and what actions should they undertake as we are entering a different time where the values humankind believed in are drastically changing.

It starts with thinking about how nowadays artificial intelligence is becoming a zeitgeist of a new kind of postmodern times we are entering into. On top of that, we have other global issues which need to be addressed, such as climate change, the widening gap between rich and poor, the disappearance of the middle class, and many other “wicked” problems.

So it is about time we started envisioning our life tomorrow, and it is up to us – society, businesses, and educators – to shape the new reality and come to a new level of “well-being” as humanity, not just individuals. The pending question is how to ensure a fit-for-purpose symbiosis of technologies with society, business, and individuals that would create a better life and a bright future.

They state that the advancement of business education and innovative teaching plays a crucial role in commencing the change. To do so, we do not necessarily need to agree with Rousseau’s concept of the ideal teacher who is dominant in the learning process. It is clear that we need business educators who can develop managers and leaders with the agency, capable of facing the challenges of our times.

They suggest that business educators in tomorrow’s world should support establishing collaborative leadership by offering special team leadership sessions, ethical leadership sessions, and intellectual leadership sessions.

Business education of tomorrow should be based on philosophical, sociological, and anthropological ideas and insights for a deeper understanding of how to lead people into the future.

To be more precise, business education should nudge rediscovering of creativity through aesthetic and philosophical matters, and questioning the previous assumptions and setting the “right” questions about business organization and life.

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