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Lth Castings is a winner of the Case Study Competition in Slovenia
A team from Lth Castings is a winner of the 13th Case Study Competition in Slovenia

Bled, April 23, 2024: Five exceptional teams representing leading Slovene companies showcased their expertise and hard work in an intense two-day event IEDC Case Study Competition, organized by IEDC Alumni Club Slovenia.

Case Study Competition is a refreshing, stimulating and dynamic two day contest, through which six-member cross functional teams coming from individual companies have the opportunity to learn from and compete (benchmark) against the competing teams from other participating companies, in an environment which is empowering teambuilding, harnessing competitiveness and helping individuals to find own solutions, rather than to be told what to do. Competition consists of case study analysis and presentation of the solutions. 

This year the following companies have joined the Slovene competition: Cosylab d.d., Danfoss Trata d.o.o., Lth Castings d.o.o., TALUM d.d. and Telekom Slovenije, d.d.

The jury of the competition was Dr. Nenad Filipović, the competition lead, and the jury members were IEDC Alumni: Igor Šturm; EMBA 2005-06 and Simon Slonjšak; EMBA 2017-18. 

The winning team is the one from Lth Castings! 

The winning team gets to compete at the international level on October 14 & 15, 2024 at IEDC in Bled (The International Case Study Competition will be led by Prof. Brane Kalpič - Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK and IEDC - Bled School of Management) and to attend one-day seminar on Decision Making with Prof. Nenad Filipović - IEDC - Bled School of Management on October 16, 2024 at IEDC in Bled.

Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding efforts!

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