LAST UPDATED: June 10th 2020

IEDC re-opens its door for face-to-face executive programs as of June 10th, 2020.

During the time of COVID-19 IEDC has been carefully monitoring the global situation and in this respect delivered executive education programs digitally or rescheduled them to the next available dates in Autumn 2020. In the scope of »Leadership in Crisis« topics IEDC delivered various relevant on-line webinars. 

We are pleased that we were able to safely reopen our IEDC premises on June 10th and that we can proceed with our activities by adopting a range of precautionary measures that ensure safety of all who study and work at the IEDC.  

Our future executive education programs will be delivered live, face-to-face or in a blended format. The decision will be made on a program by program basis, and executives and companies registered for these programs are being contacted accordingly. Those participants that are unable to participate live in the upcoming annual international forums at IEDC will have the possibility to join us on-line.

IEDC has adapted its facilities and trained the staff to staying safe, excellent and relevant. We have also established the Safety Committee which prepared recommendations for any action to be taken by IEDC in response to the COVID-19 situation.

Preventative health and hygiene protocols include

1. Hand sanitizers have been installed at all entrances to the IEDC buildings.  

2. Full hygiene measures are applicable in all social spaces. Hospitality staff is strongly following HACCP standards and the new COVID-19 respective standards for restaurants and bars.

3. Floor markings and signs in the lecture rooms warning of keeping a safe distance.

4. Redefinition of the maximum capacity of the classrooms has been made.

5. Signage in the premises with information on preventing the spread of the virus has been installed.

6. Use of elevator is limited to 1 person at the time.

7. Regular disinfection of spaces, materials and equipment has been applied.  

8. Participants and visitors need to inform us on their health condition prior attending IEDC programs by filling in a questionnaire prepared by program managers or information desk.

9. Temperature control devices are available if participants, visitors and employees would need/require a temperature check. In case of increased temperature, individuals will be directed to the nearby health center (50 meters away from IEDC), we also have a seminar room ready for the needs of isolation.

In case you have any concerns regarding your condition that may affect participation in the program, we ask you to contact the respective program manager or program director to discuss the issues and find appropriate solutions.

We wish you to stay healthy and safe and look forward to welcoming you in IEDC-Bled School of Management in the near future.


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