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IEDC has proven track record in delivering executive development programs in different parts of the world

Why custom programs at IEDC

We have conducted custom programs in 80 countries, across various industries, numerous globally recognized brands and small family businesses.

We enhance participants’ leadership skills and prepare them for solving complex business situations which require integrated, cross functional view of business

We energize participants and help them focus on purposeful action they should engage in, in order to reach the organizational objectives

IEDC Highlights

IEDC Graduation Day

On this special day 3 PhD graduates and 45 MBAs from 12 countries will receive their Diplomas.

Scholarship 2016

The scholarships opportunities are funded from IEDC-Bled School of Management foundation for developing leaders.

Program 2017

Acquire the knowledge: broaden your international network and get inspired.


Top professors coming from around the world

Why IEDC 1

Unique approach to integrating the arts to teach leadership

Why IEDC 2

Creative environment for creative leadership

Why IEDC 3

Explore IEDC state of the art facilities and get inspired by Art with Google 360 Virtual Tour