Custom-Made Programs 

Leadership development with impact

Ever increasing global competition worldwide forces organizations to adjust and be more and more proactive. Not only competent, responsible and inspirational leaders have to keep up with the demands for all key positions, but a pool of talented potential successors has to be kept up-to-date. Bringing together different stakeholders for organizational transformation and at the same time achieving short-term results are a new constant.

IEDC is fully committed to supporting its corporate partners with cutting-edge management and leadership development programs. We create learning opportunities that allow the participants to become better managers and, quoting one of the participants, become “better human beings”.


IEDC has resources and experience required for effective program delivery around the globe.


IEDC is one of the most innovative management and leadership development institutions, which are able to design and deliver fully integrated programs into the organizational context of the client company.


Depending on the set goals, IEDC creates a learning and personal development environment that encourages participants to fully engage.


A holistic approach to issues is discussed, while a collaborative style, experiential learning and critical reflections, as well as on-the-job projects are important elements of IEDC learning methodology.

Upgrade Programs

Upgrade your knowledge and skills for a rapidly changing reality with extensive leadership and general management development topics joined in the program Senior Leadership Program.


If you have any questions related to our programmes or application procedures, we are here to help you.


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Why IEDC-Bled School of Management? 

A transformational learning experience 

An innovative content and cutting-edge methodology, tailored to the needs of modern managers and taught by the world-class professors.


A network for life 

Over the years IEDC programs have inspired more than 90,000 executives from 100 countries.

Excellent location

Located on the shores of lake Bled in a breathtaking Alpine setting, IEDC is a unique venue for learning and reflection, as well as a perfect networking place.

A school with a personal touch

We orchestrate seamless learning experiences across cultures, geographies and industries, tailored to your needs.


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