Our Approach

We believe that our customized programs have to reflect a true understanding of your organization's management development and business transformation support needs and their links to your current and desired market position. To achieve this, we work in close partnership with you through all four steps of custom program co-creation.


Establish a common understanding where you want to arrive to at the end of our learning journey.

This is done through an informal information exchange with representatives of your top management team, or a formal assessment of your management development and business transformation support needs. We build a link between the program and your strategies, cultures, development objectives, and business challenges. During this stage a senior program steering committee led by Program Director is created, which drives the program through all four steps.


Flexibility and innovative design in meeting your management development and business transformation support needs are the main features of program design

Once we identify an area in which your company needs a management development and business transformation program, we jointly develop the best format and contents for such a program. 

Sometimes, a solution can be defined after one or two (face to face) meetings, while in more demanding situations, program design and preparations can take several months and require a number of meetings between our program director and company representatives. 

Depending on the program's complexity and your organization's wishes, we often develop new teaching material, including company related case studies or in-depth research insights. 
We have almost infinite flexibility in program structure and learning methods we use.


We are as flexible in delivery as we are with the program design.

Ongoing collaboration and a commitment to service and flexibility ensure that the program not only creates high-impact learning experience for participants, but also leads to the company’s desired outcomes. This is achieved through:

  • Contemporary concepts and tools, allowing for raising the level of managerial and leadership competencies;
  • Presentations and discussions about general concepts and concrete issues the participants have to take active role in their own development and in the business transformation processes.
  • We deliver programs at our school or at any other location of your wish or a need for a transformational learning experience.

At this stage a Program manager is assigned who is in charge of all administrative and logistical issues. This significantly adds to the quality of the communication and to a higher overall satisfaction.


It is not only the learning, but the transformational experience and change of paradigms that make the difference.

After each session, a detailed evaluation process takes place to measure the program’s impact. This way we can build on our success and fine tune the program to address your evolving business challenges and development agendas.

Tools used depend on the learning objectives of the program. A skill-building program demands different assessment tools than a transformational workshop. Assessment can be aligned with standard company practices (eg. 360 degree). If needed, client can be supported in introducing new practices through organizational development interactions.


If you have any questions related to our programmes or application procedures, we are here to help you.


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