IEDC Benefits

IEDC supports its clients at all stages of leadership transitions and delivers programs of different complexity, duration or focus. We always start by carefully examining the partner’s needs through interviews, surveys and studies and by establishing an open and trustful relationship already in the program design phase. Joint design is followed by IEDC taking the full burden of the implementation phase, often being in charge of everything except participant selection, thus significantly freeing up the organizational resources of the partner. At the end of the cycle, IEDC provides feedback to the partner about the new insights generated through the program and, if agreed so, engages in various post-program activities like supporting participants’ transition back to the company and/or to their new responsibilities. We also assist with program impact measurement, or fine-tuning of the program design for next implementation.

Why custom programs at IEDC

We have conducted custom programs in different countries, across various industries, numerous globally recognized brands and small family businesses.

IEDC exposes participants to different thought-provoking experiences and bring them in a special emotional and reflective mood that creates the possibility for change.

IEDC facilitates broader scope of learning and lasting impact, resulting in mind-set shifts.

  • We design and deliver fully integrated programs.
  • We create strong internal network of high potential managers
  • We Increase participants’ loyalty and commitment 
  • We provide feedback mechanism to create a talent pool of company’s future strategic leaders
  • We expose participants to views and experiences which have the potential of impacting their specific and general leadership competences for action
  • We align the participants’ values and priorities with those held by the organization
  • We energize participants and help them focus on purposeful action they should engage in, in order to reach the organizational objectives
  • We show to the participant’s possible ways of generating commitment, loyalty and pride from their team members and what it takes to lead others successfully
  • We enhance the ability to cope with complex business situations, which require integrated, cross functional view of business
  • We raise the management and leadership competence levels of the participants in selected areas (e.g. customer orientation, focus on the future, proactivity, responsible leadership and trust building, innovativeness, balancing priorities etc.)
  • We change participants‘ mindset in order to engage in breakthrough actions

Why learning with IEDC? 

  • Take advantage of a fully integrated, welldesigned and impecably delivered program.
  • Reinforce and leverage a strong internal network of your engaged and highly motivated employees
  • Benefit from an increased employees' loyalty and committment
  • Create a talent pool of company's future strategic leaders by providing constructive feedback
  • See the impact on the ledearship competences of your managers who are being exposed to various views and experiences
  • Make your company stronger by finetuning employees' values and priorities of your organization
  • Reach organizational objectives faster by helping your employees focus on purposeful actions
  • Help your employees learn what it takes to lead others successfully and show them ways of generating commitment, loyalty and pride in teams and their team members


If you have any questions related to our programmes or application procedures, we are here to help you.


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