European Leadership Centre

The European Leadership Centre (ELC) was established in September 2002 to promote European leadership through conferences, workshops, round table discussions, and research.

The ELC founders believe in the importance of good leadership in achieving heightened European competitiveness and also more progressive and socially responsible European development. They are convinced that our European origins provide a unique opportunity to define a new leadership direction towards more statesmanlike, long-term and responsible leadership.

The European Leadership Centre therefore positions itself as a centre of excellence to spearhead directions and actions for leaders wishing to enhance Europe’s capability of playing a critical and competitive role in the world economy and world affairs. It is a forum for dialogue between business, policy makers, unions, and the media on issues related to European leadership.

Founding members are:

  • Prof. Derek Abell, Former President, ESMT European School of Management and Technology
  • Prof. Pierre Casse, Dean Emeritus, Berlin School for Creative Leadership
  • Prof. Paul Claudel, IAE University Aix-en-Provence
  • Prof. Danica Purg, President, IEDC - Bled School of Management

ELC's vision is to:

  • Create a forum for European business and government leaders
  • Promote leadership excellence among European leaders
  • Enhance the synergy between the public and private sector in Europe

ELC’s mission is to bring together European business, government(s) and NGO leaders with the aim of assessing and promoting European leadership through the organization of conferences, workshops and research. To support this mission, the ELC has three main objectives: to promote knowledge of leadership in Europe via applied research and networks; to organize conferences, seminars and workshops to develop leadership capabilities and share ideas on this subject with the world; and to set up focused round table discussions for distinguished European leaders on specific themes.

European Leadership Centre ELC
European Leadership Centre ELC
European Leadership Centre ELC
European Leadership Centre ELC
European Leadership Centre ELC

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