UNGC Compliance and Ethics Conference

IEDC, Bled
03.10.2017 08:30 AM
385 €
United Nations Global Compact Slovenia (UNGC Slovenia) in cooperation with The European Institute of Compliance and Ethics (EICE) are kindly inviting you to attend the conference, on 3 October, 2017, in Bled.

This international and multi-industries conference will cover the fields of compliance and business ethics in the context of the internal governance system and discover the different aspects, particularities and benefits of this function.

The conference will start with attendants’ registration between 8:30 and 9:00 and will be finished with the round table and conclusions at 17:30. Translations into English shall be available

From the conference’s agenda:

  • GOVERNANCE: ERM – Enterprise Risk Management and compliance risks;
  • COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: How to conduct a (self) assessment of compliance and ethics program;
  • BUSINESS ETHICS: Reasons, why people abuse given trust and good practices on preventing,  detecting and investigation fraud;
  • INFORMATION SECURITY INTHE LIGHT OF COMPLIANCE: Impact of the new EU Regulation on Privacy data (GDPR) over marketing, segmentation and customer relationship management (CRM);
  • ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: How do scandals influence an organization and individuals, how to survive and avoid them?

EICE Conference 2017 Program

EICE Conference 2017 Speakers


Mojca Mancek
Mojca Manček
Head of Library