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Executives graduate from IEDC Executive MBA with a rich understanding of business and strategy in a global context, access to some of the world’s most respected leaders for a lifetime, and an unforgettable educational experience.

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Isaac Quansah Aggrey

Sep 20, 2016, 14:57 PM
Ghana & South Africa

My time at IEDC has been outstanding; an environment full of reflection, hard work and a positive way of life is a pure bliss. Each day at IEDC was like rusted steel in a burning furnace - I feel now stronger and more determined. The program is rich in content with an enviable worldwide renowned international faculty. This amazing journey has given me the ability to network and reflect coherently on a wide range of complex challenges. I am empowered and feel I can give now more and more to others to succeed in their quest. After finishing this program I’ve been more professional in all aspects of dealing with tough situations.


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