Advanced Management Program - AMP Romania 2020

Strenghten your managerial competences and skills

Bucharest, Romania
08.10.2020 09:00 AM
€ 2.900 without VAT
€ 2.750 without VAT
September 8, 2020

Transform yourself to be more effective in your job, as well as boost your personal development. AMP is designed for managers who are moving from a functional to strategic level of their responsibilities.

Advanced Management Program is composed of a series of three seminars. Participants can attend each seminar separately or sign up for the whole program.


Should I attend?

    Develop a keen understanding of how to create value for your organization. Become a more effective and informed decision-maker at the general management level.
    Make the shift from managing to leading. Develop strong and sustainable leadership and team building capabilities. Understand the interaction between leadership and team performance.
    Use financial information in both long-term strategic analysis as well as short-term tactical decisions with confidence.


Should attend?

  • Functional experts, managers and entrepreneurs who are responsible for translating strategic objectives of the company into operational goals and their execution
  • Managers, executives and entrepreneurs in any area of an organization who want to become more effective leaders
  • Mid-level to senior executives who oversee general management, finance, operations, communications, marketing, legal or compliance initiatives
  • Management and operations consultants and communications advisers


AMP module 1: Measuring Organisational Performance by Prof. Danny Szpiro, Marist College, USA

Bucharest, Romania: October 8-10, 2020

Most organizations have financial managers and staff to support the financial functions of the organization. Most decision-makers in organizations, however, are not financial managers yet they must utilize financial information in both long-term strategic analysis as well as short-term tactical decisions. The goal of this seminar is to address key tools and concepts to enhance the skills of non-financial managers and decision-makers. This should lead to at least two key benefits. First, an increased willingness and ability by participants to incorporate financial analysis into decision-making process. Second, a similarly increased willingness and ability to partner with the financial managers in the organization to identify or develop the relevant financial data needed to informed decision-making.


AMP module 2: Strategic Management, Miquel Llado, IESE, Spain

Bucharest, Romania: November 5-7, 2020

Strategic Thinking is key in business nowadays. It’s important to open our eyes and learn from other industries, to see what may be applicable to ours. Good companies cover needs and great companies create markets. That is the case with Zara that has broken the paradigms of its industry. Example of listening to everybody but make your own decisions. General Electric, has made Talent to become their competitive advantage. People are the ones to make things happen in any organization. Reflecting about processes followed by GE to make Talent their core competence, may inspire us about how to get our Talent to its maximum potential. Amazon Go is challenging the retail industry through the use of new technologies. Lots of learning from such an organization so much focused on the future. We live in a Globalize world. We are going to open a question for discussion: Is the world Flat or Not? Reflections about playing global. Critical Mission Leadership session is about leading yourself and others. You are the most important person you report to. Key Success Factors. Common ground of successful companies. Learning from best practices.


AMP module 3: Leadership for High Performing Teams, by Prof. Drikus Kriek, IEDC- Bled School of Management

Bucharest, Romania: December 3-5, 2020

During the program Leadership for High Performing Teams participants actively explore distinctive leadership strategies, structures, and skills required to lead teams. Through a participative process and a problem-solving framework that includes in-class case analysis, small group discussion, and an outdoor rowing experience, participants have the opportunity to:

  • Develop strong and sustainable leadership and teambuilding capabilities
  • Experience the not-so-secret steps which take a team to the highest level
  • Learn how to harness individual and team strengths across the enterprise


Program Fee

2.900 € + VAT for the whole program

Early Bird: 2.750 € + VAT till September 8, 2020

980 € + VAT for one separate module

Early Bird: 930 € + VAT

Participants attending all three modules will be awarded a certificate of completion. Participants attending only one module will obtain a confirmation of attendance.


Bucharest, Romania


Albina Ribic
Albina Ribič
Executive Education Sales Advisor
Advanced Management Program - AMP

The seminar was very well designed and tailored to a diverse group of listeners. An experienced professor created a very good atmosphere and a high degree of interaction among all participants. In other words, I would recommend this course to a wide audience of people who work in both the profit, as well as non-profit organizations.

Ivan Stefanović, Serbia

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