Leading Change

Be prepared for a world of rapid, disruptive change.

IEDC, Bled
13.11.2023 09:00 AM
1000 € without VAT
Get insights in key issues related to successful management of change.

About the seminar

Leading Change is part of the General Management Program, however, the seminar can be taken separately.

Change is one of the everlasting phenomena, requiring managers to display a wide set of competencies in order to properly handle the business challenges they face in these turbulent times. Many of changes drivers are disruptive, like breakthrough technologies, recent pandemics, or current war in our neighborhood. Even when changes are of smaller scale, they tend to use enormous amount of organizational energy and often yield sub-par results. This seminar offers insights in key issues related to successful management of change.


should you attend?

  • To understand the nature of forces driving changes in our organizations
  • Learn how to think about designing change outcomes
  • Obtain holistic view of change leadership
  • Develop positive attitude towards living in a turbulent world


should attend?

The seminar provides significant value to aspiring managers who are about to assume wider responsibilities in their organizations or have recently done so, as well as ones directly involved with major change efforts in their companies.


  • Putting change into context: Understanding six key drivers of change coming out of our business environment
  • Triggering and configuring change: Connecting the change drivers with the new business model and creating clear focus on change priorities
  • Removing initial barriers to change: Proactively dealing with factors, which are typical reasons for failure of change efforts
  • Leading culture and behavioral change: Learning how to position oneself as a true leader of transformational change, which does not stop with cosmetic improvements of business, but produces fundamental change in the way members of the organization work


Start date: November 13, 2023 at 9:00 AM

End date: November 14, 2022 at 5:00 PM

Program Fee

1.000 € + VAT


Albina Ribic
Albina Ribič
Executive Education Sales Advisor

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