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IEDC Alumni Club Slovenia has a new President and new Board
Nina Stupan, IEDC MBA Alumna becomes a President of IEDC Alumni Club Slovenia
We are happy to announce the new IEDC Alumni Club Slovenia President and Board:


🔹 Nina Stupan - GM at RE ADVISORY & Chief Legal Officer at Mendota Invest - President of IEDC Alumni Club Slovenia

IEDC Alumni Club Slovenia Board Members:
🔹 Dolores Kores - Sustainability Coordinator at NLB d.d.
🔹 Denis Mancevič - Co-Founder & CEO of NC3 New Century Corporate Communications.
🔹 Primož Šoln - Director of AVTOMONTAŽA d.o.o.
🔹 Matic Vogrič - Founder of Smart Optometry & Senior Business Manager Europe at Safilo
The board has been elected at the Alumni Assembly recently held in Ljubljana. IEDC Alumni Club Slovenia is the largest of 16 IEDC Alumni Clubs worldwide, established in 1997, with over 1.700 members who have completed one of the longer programs at IEDC.
We sincerely congratulate the President Ms. Nina Stupan and the new Board on behalf of the whole IEDC team and look forward to cooperating with you! We also express our thankfulness to the outgoing President Mr. Mitja Kolbe!

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