AMP M2: Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

Define the future of your business with better decisions

Belgrade, Serbia
22.10.2024 09:00 AM
€ 1.150 EUR without VAT
€ 1.080 EUR without VAT
September 22, 2024
This program is part of the Advanced Management Program, composed of three seminars, which can be taken separately or as a whole.

About the seminar

This AMP module on Critical Thinking and Decision-Making deals with one of the most important managerial competencies: ability to identify priority issues related to a business situation, as well as to think about them in a coherent, structured way eliminating the biases and allowing us to make sound decisions.


should you attend?

  • Develop understanding of the way we look at business situations and typical biases that obscure our view
  • Practice structured thinking and application of appropriate analytical frameworks
  • Familiarize with best practices and useful tools related to decision making, as well as become more effective in making decisions which define the future of your company
  • Increase confidence in your managerial competences needed to successfully translate strategy into action
  • Increase your business network through a program format that fits your busy schedule


should attend?

This seminar is prepared for a broad audience, including entrepreneurs, business professionals and managers, since practically all members of business organizations are in the position to have to analyze business issues and make business decisions.


  • How to identify priority issues in a given business situation?
  • What are typical biases hindering our perception and how to avoid them?
  • What are the requirements of the robust design of situational analysis?
  • How to prepare for proper application of useful frameworks when analyzing a business issue?
  •  What are the critical elements of robust decision-making process?
  •  What makes us underperform when making complex decisions and how to improve our effectiveness?

Start date: October 22, 2024

End date: October 24, 2024

Program Fee

1.150 € + VAT 

Early Bird: 1.080 € + VAT till September 22, 2024


Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10k, Belgrade, Serbia

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Albina Ribič
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