SLP M3: Sustainability Strategy: Methods and Tools for Its Implementation

Creating an actionable sustainability roadmap

IEDC, Bled
05.09.2024 09:00 AM
€1,250 without VAT
€1,125 without VAT
August 5, 2024
Sustainability strategy: Methods and tools to walk the talk

About the Seminar

Sustainability Strategy: Methods and Tools for Its Implementation is part of a series of four seminars offered in the scope of the Senior Leadership Program. The seminar can be taken separately or as a part of the whole Leadership Program.

Sustainability has become a strategic imperative and a driver of social change and enterprise innovation. Furthermore, the shift to compulsory corporate sustainability reporting for designated companies will ultimately affect all their related value chains and stakeholder networks. Nothing less than systemic change is on the cards. Denying these developments will be irresponsible and mere compliance may lead to laggard behaviour and eventual irrelevance. Stakeholders want more and will reward companies that thoroughly embed sustainability into their core strategies and business processes, products and relationships.

This seminar offers you an opportunity to update your knowledge and make business sense and strategy of sustainability science. It is an invitation to work with and learn from others who also have chosen to be at the forefront of the new world and challenging future taking shape around us. Attending the seminar will also empower you to face the change and embrace the transition that the sustainability agenda presents us with and lead your business with more courage and wisdom into the future.

The seminar will be a hands-on design experience. If you do not have a sustainability strategy yet, the seminar will be your kick-start. If you have one, you will be able to amend and enrich it. We encourage you to bring a colleague or team with you to enjoy the benefits of collaborative learning and design from the beginning.


WHO should attend?

  • Executives and business leaders
  • Managers and professionals responsible for sustainability strategy
  • Functional and business unit leaders with a commitment to sustainable value creation
  • Sustainability consulting practitioners
  • NGO and government leaders committed to sustainability advancement

WHY should I attend?

  • Benchmark your organisation against global, local and industry sustainability trends
  • Design sustainability strategy and business innovations for your business
  • Master methods and tools to accelerate your sustainability progress
  • Improve the readiness of your business for sustainability reporting
  • Improve your sustainability leadership and change management capabilities

Topics covered

  • The global and EU sustainability context
  • Sustainability futures and business model innovations
  • Sustainability strategy design, implementation, progress evaluation and reporting
  • Sustainability and change management leadership

The learnings from an established business case will be woven into the programme while at the same time, you will be working on your own case as well. 


Start date: September 5, 2024 at 9:00 AM 

End date: September 6, 2024 at 5:00 PM

Program Fee

€1,250 + VAT
Early Bird: €1,125 + VAT until August 5, 2024

Senior Leadership Program

The SLP Program is intended to provide managers with new insights into the successful leadership practices that create transformational shifts in organizational culture and performance.

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Albina Ribič
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Implementing Sustainability Strategy

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