Strategic Management - AMP module 2

Cope with a new, more challenging market environment and the internal strategic changes within your company.

Belgrade, Serbia
24.10.2023 09:00 AM
€ 1.150 EUR without VAT
€ 1.080 EUR without VAT
September 24, 2023
Cope with a new, more challenging market environment and the internal strategic changes within your company.

About the seminar

Strategic Management in and After Pandemics is part of a series of three seminars offered under the scope of the Advanced Management Program - AMP. The seminar can be taken separately or as a part of the whole AMP.

This AMP module on Strategic Management deals with the application of strategic management principles in the current business context, where pandemics is one of the key forces redefining our businesses on strategic level.


should you attend?

  • Develop understanding of the main drivers of today’s business
  • Familiarize with best practices and useful tools related to strategic thinking
  • Become more effective in making decisions which define the future of your company
  • Increase confidence in your leadership competences needed to successfully translate strategy into action
  • Increase your business network through a program format that fits your busy schedule 


should attend?

This seminar is prepared for entrepreneurs, managers and experts involved in setting and executing company strategy, regardless of the industry profile or company size.


  • What are the key elements of structured thinking about strategy?
  • How to think about strategy in times of high uncertainty?
  • What makes a difference between robust strategies and those “designed to fail”?
  • How are pandemics and other major forces re-shaping our businesses and what does that mean for the strategy we consider?
  • How to prepare for strategy implementation?
  • Which attitudes and behaviors we need for effective strategy making and for achieving strategic changes?
  • How can leaders foster these attitudes and behaviors in their organizations?


Start date: October 24, 2023

End date: October 26, 2023

Program Fee

1.150 € + VAT 

Early Bird: 1.080 € + VAT till September 24, 2023


Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10k, Belgrade, Serbia

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Albina Ribic
Albina Ribič
Executive Education Advisor
AMP Video Nenad

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