YMP experience

YMP is your fast-track to developing your managerial skills.

What makes the YMP program different from any other similar programs is a strong focus on development of competences that young, high potential managers, usually at a start of their career, need to help propel theirbusiness future and success.

Topics overview

is the YMP experience like?

  • The program will give you a holistic view of your organization and your managerial role within it. You will be immersed in a highly interactive learning experience that promises to broaden your business and managerial perspectives. You will return to your organization with a solid base for continuous personal and organizational growth.
  • The program is practice-oriented, addressing your own business challenges. It integrates participative learning, the case method, group work, class discussions, business simulations, role plays, presentations, team building exercises and extra-curricular activities in the evenings.

Competence boost

  • Understanding business situation better
  • Filter out key information of any situation
  • Make better decisions supported by solid arguments
  • Master team management, team cooperation and problem-solving skills
  • Build up your credibility when communicating with superiors
  • Strengthen your intercultural and interpersonal skills



  • Leadership for High Performing Teams
  • Key Elements of the Managerial Job
  • Communicating and Influencing


  • Monitoring Business Performance through Numbers
  • Customers and Markets
  • Making Business Strategy Work 


"The YMP program helped me rethink my own experience so far: one starts looking not only at business differentely, but also starts reevaluating life choices and personal views and attitudes. Strategy and Team management course served as an inspiration for me, as it allowed me to have a clear understanding of all aspects of project management and consequently successfully implement one of the largest and most complicated project in my work."

Anastasiya Paruntseva
Business Development Director, Culinaryon, Russia

Young Management Program 


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