Communicate, Collaborate, Negotiate

Bled, Slovenia
08.06.2017 09:00 AM
1.250€ + VAT
1.125€ + VAT
May 9, 2017

This workshop is organized in two two-day sessions which encourage the development of communication influence through practice both within the course and at work in between the two halves of the course.


Should I attend?

Highly capable and busy managers find it useful to increase their ability to convince others of their ideas in less time while still preserving relationships. Instead of communicating in one universal style, the most effective leaders and managers develop a range of styles and skills to suit the variety of stakeholders and situations in which they operate.


Should attend?

This workshop is intended for senior managers with significant leadership responsibilities who want to increase their ability to influence others through communication, whether speaking in meetings, negotiations, or presentations.


are the program objectives?

The workshop will be structured around three key topics:

  • Creating influence
  • Negotiating with power
  • Difficult conversations

Participants will:

  • Reflect on their strengths as communicators as well as what they would like to develop
  • Map out the climate of influence in their organizations
  • Practice using a narrative format and pyramid structure
  • Receive immediate tips on body language and vocal intonation to improve their presence and impact
  • Learn how to plan a negotiation, anticipate the strategy of others, and create the possibility for the best possible result during the negotiation
  • Reflect on their communication goals and make a plan for implementing a new approach in between the first half and second half of the course
  • Discover their natural approach to conflict resolution and learn/practice techniques for engaging in productive conversations


  • Leadership style self-assessment
  • Narrative structure
  • Presentation structure
  • Political stakeholder mapping
  • Negotiation plan - invaluable prep tool for every negotiation Conversation pyramid - a guide to getting from start to your destination
  • SBI - a model for delivering feedback effectively
  • RSE - a model for opening new perspectives and possibilities in a conversation without ‘forcing’
  • TKI - a conflict style self-assessment which helps develop the ability to recognize best approach to resolution


Albina Ribic
Albina Ribič
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