GMP Open: Customers and Markets

Be prepared for a world of rapid, disruptive change.

IEDC, Bled
15.04.2024 09:00 AM
1500 € + VAT

Develop a strategic mindset that will enable you to be better prepared for a world of rapid, disruptive change. Improve your understanding of the strategic imperatives facing your organisation.

About the seminar

Customers and Markets Seminar is part of the General Management Program, however, the seminar can be taken separately.

Customers and Markets Seminar aims to develop a strategic mindset that will enable participants to be better prepared for a world of rapid, disruptive change and analyse customers and markets in a structured manner. In such a fast changing world, it is not enough simply to ‘do more’ or ‘be faster’ as such behaviour could actually precipitate a crisis. Senior executives must challenge and question every aspect of their business model and carefully consider how they approach customers and markets.


should you attend?

  • Appreciate the centrality of understanding customers in crafting and exploiting opportunities. 
  • Develop a keen understanding of how to create value for your customers. 
  • How to analyse customers and markets in a structured manner. 
  • How to capture and sustain value in fast changing markets. 
  • Integrate your knowledge and skills in a program format that meets your busy schedule.


should attend?

This seminar is designed for all senior executive in an organisation, regardless of functional expertise and responsibility. This seminar is for you if you contribute to, are involved in, or are responsible for designing and implementing your organisation’s strategy.


  • Framing Customers and Markets.  
  • The role of digital technologies and tools in approaching customers and markets.
  • Effective Pricing Strategies to capture value. 
  • Understanding and using Customer Behaviour and Insights to drive growth. 
  • Sustaining value through innovation in fast changing markets. 


Start date: April 15, 2024 at 9:00 AM

End date: April 17, 2024 at 5:00 PM

Program Fee

1500 € + VAT


Albina Ribic
Albina Ribič
Executive Education Advisor

I’ve really enjoyed the fresh and up-to-date approach to the change management which I’ve experienced with this program. The cases and workshops were actual and applicable and with lot of space for real life experiences and debates. The amount of theoretical knowledge was nicely balanced with practice. The tools I gained helped me in my day-to-day business approach.

Kristjan Avžner, Serbia

A programme for your entire team?

All of our open programmes can also be offered and delivered as in-company solution to groups of employees from the same organisation. This allows us to develop a programme that focuses on your organisation’s own situation and issues. We can schedule it at a time and location that you prefer. We can also tailor the content to fit your organisation’s needs. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation proposal and to explore the possibilities

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