Discovering Individual Negotiation Mindset and Style - LDP Module 2

Sarajevo, BiH
12.04.2017 09:00 AM
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before March 15, 2017

In Module II of Leadership Development Program; Discovering Individual Negotiation Mindset and Style, participants will discuss what makes a good negotiator, looking at personality and skills that help make a negotiator successful.


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Module II focuses on negotiation styles and strategies, including a survey to help determine a person’s primary negotiation style and how to use all of the styles in different situations. Some time will be spent on listening skills (including a survey to measure participants’ listening skills), non-verbal skills, and their importance in sales and negotiations in both domestic and international situations. The second part focuses on more specific negotiation and sales skills, including planning a negotiation or sales call, finding customers, making the opening offer, dealing with objections, ethical issues and closing the deal. The workshop will include a short negotiation scenario and a cases study.



  • Relationship between negotiation and sales; Developing a win-win strategy in negotiations
  • Developing negotiation skills ; Negotiation styles; Using the negotiation styles for a more successful negotiation
  • Listening skills; Non-verbal skills - Importance of both in negotiations and management
  • Planning for a negotiation/ Sales call; Finding the right customers
  • Making the opening offer Putting the price package together; Dealing with objections; Closing the deal
  • Ethical Issues in sales/ negotiations


Module 2: April 12 - 13, 2017


Leadership Development Program

The IEDC Leadership Development Program is designed with the main objective to smooth the transition from a being functional specialist into general management by unleashing the leadership potential in the participants through creating a skills - and mindset shift required to facilitate that transition. It will equip participants with enhanced leadership skills, giving increased confidence and managerial impact.

Participants attending the program will be awarded the Leadership Development Program certificate. Participants attending only one module will obtain confirmation of attendance. 

The program is held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Sandra Zahic
Sandra Zahić
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