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Leadership Education of the Future: A Vision for Business Educators

Danica Purg, Elnura Irmatova
How business educators should respond to the contextual changes of the future, and what actions should they undertake as we are entering a different time where the values humankind believed in are drastically changing.

Why Art in Management Education?

Danica Purg, Ian Sutherland
Why should we care about the arts in management education? Why are the arts part of reforms in developing future professionals? What is the fundamental value of the arts for developing tomorrow’s manager-leaders?

In Search of Embedded Business Model Innovation

Iztok Seljak

How Quality of Higher Education Should Be Measured by University Rankings?

Alenka Braček Lalić

When “you’re fired” is not an option: A CEO’s Dilemma

Joyner, F.J., Frantz, D.W., Smolnikar, B.

From experiential learning to aesthetic knowing: the arts in leadership development

Sutherland, I. and Jelinek, J.

Aesthetics of Power: Why teaching about power is easier than learning for power, and what business schools could do about it

Sutherland, I., Gosling, J. and Jelinek, J.

Management by Tolerance: Leadership through motivation and creativity

Danica Purg
“Management by tolerance”. The suggestion of the title is that there is (still) a lot of intolerance in management. The question that comes up immediately: intolerance to what?

Developing Management and Leadership for a better world

Danica Purg
IEDC-Bled School of Management was established 27 years ago as an International Executive Development Centre with focus on people in leading positions, who want to develop themselves in this respect.

Governance Today: A Leadership Perspective

Pierre Casse, Arnold Walravens
For many leaders in both the public and private sectors, the issue of governance is unclear. Indeed, many leaders in the field consider governance as something for academic discussion rather than something that is relevant to day-to-day operations. Governance provides a legitimate approach to managing the distribution and use of power in any organisation.

Creativity and Innovation: The Arts and Executive Leadership

Danica Purg
In the book “The fine Art of success” the authors explain the success of Madonna from her continuous renewal and the success of Titian and Tintoretto, the great competitors in the Venetian time in the 16th century, they ascribe to strategic innovation.

Family Owned Hidden Champions in Russia Innovations, Human Capital and Internationalization

Danica Purg, Olga Saginova, Irina Skorobogatykh and Zhanna Musatova
This study attempts on the family owned Russian companies which were identified as Hidden Champions according to Simon’s methodology.

A Leadership Perspective

Dr. Pierre Casse and Dr. Arnold Walrawens
Pierre Casse and Arnold Walravens take a fresh and candid look at corporate governance

Embedded Sustainability - A strategy for market leaders

Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva and Dr. Chris Laszlo
In recent years, three big trends – declining resources, radical transparency, and increasing expectations – have redefined the way we do business. With these new pressures on our hands, what is business to do? Only a few companies choose to embed sustainability into their very DNA, incorporating environmental, health, and social value into their core business with no trade-offs in price or quality. Yet, those that do are creating even more value for their customers and investors than they otherwise would.

Arts-Based Leadership Development at the IEDC-Bled School of Management

Danica Purg and Ian Sutherland
Article provides the background to arts and leadership development at the IEDC-Bled School of Management.

Macro Leadership A New Leadership Must

Melita Rant and Pierre Casse
Article tries to outline a new leadership requirement characterized by the ability of the Public and Private sectors leaders to have a good grasp of what’s happening in the world today, why it is happening and, more important, how it can serve our purpose as human beings.

Success a leadership trap

Pierre Casse and Eoin Banahan
Success can be a curse rather than a blessing for leaders if they become complacent about their performance, say Pierre Casse and Eoin Banahan…

Creating Value Fact Fiction and Everything in Between

Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva
It is safe to say that dogma, or any form of unquestioned belief, is bad for human progress. Collectively, as human family, we have been through enough of witch-hunting, world-is-flat executions, and parallel-lines-never-cross illusions to realize that it is good to question our assumptions, even if only to find them to be correct. That is why it surprises me that one particular assumption has been put at the corner of our entire business life without much questioning. Yes, I am talking about value

Leading Positive Change - Are We Looking for Answers in All the Right Places

Dr Nadya Zhexembayeva
In a sun-lit classroom of IEDC-Bled School of Management, a group of senior managers is hard at work. At a first glance, the intense discussions and strong arguments might appear as a typical problem-solving exercise: take a problem, understand the factors of failure, and propose a decision. But what if you listen closely, you might find yourself amidst a very different conversation.

Causes Consequences and Implications Of The Global Financial and Economic Crisis

Prof James C. Ellert
This paper addresses six related themes: (i) a short history of U.S. financial crises during the last 80 years; (ii) severity of the current global recession and corporate sector responses; (iii) government approaches to resolving the current global financial and economic crisis; (iv) the current financial markets outlook; (v) the long-term outlook for the U.S. economy, and (vi) the changing order of geo-political and economic dominance

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