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Explore how Executive MBA transformed lives of our Alumni

Executives graduate from IEDC Executive MBA with a rich understanding of business and strategy in a global context, access to some of the world’s most respected leaders for a lifetime, and an unforgettable educational experience.

EMBA experience



 On December 2019, another group of MBA graduates joined IEDC alumni community. What was their EMBA experience like - watch in this short movies.

MBA graduate speech 2019 by Aleksandra Bošković.

What participants say about IEDC

Maida Zahirović Salom, IEDC Executive MBA

The school is international, however, it has an individual approach to each student.

Maida Zahirović Salom, Member of the Management Board, Raiffeisen Bank, BIH

Mpho Sekwele IEDC Executive MBA Experiences

I really enjoyed the learning process. It was somewhat conventional but also a very, very modern way of teaching and learning. I mean, they brought in art and creativity into the entire process which made it a lot more »out-of-the-box.

Mpho Sekwele, Founder and Managing Director, SintuOnline, South Africa

Tatjana Škof Rakovec IEDC Executive MBA Exeprience

The relationship »student - professor« is more like equal. We are in the same learning process. The style of teaching is interactive.

Tatjana Škof Rakovec, Deputy Marketing Director, Krka d.d., Slovenia

Bjarne Schultz Christensen IEDC Excutive MBA Impressions

It is difficult to say very precise what has been the main impact on my leadership skills – but I believe it is related to improved ability to ask the right questions as you can better see things in a bigger perspective.

Bjarne Schultz Christensen, Danfoss A/S, Senior director , Denmark

Elena Rudeshko IEDC Executive MBA Experiences

MBA at IEDC enlarged my vision of the ways of doing business: I have closed my gaps and received a bigger picture. I am using a lot from the skills obtained during doing our consulting project. In two months after graduation I received a proposal to establish a new company and exactly that skills helped me to assess all pros and cons of the venture very pragmatically. Furthermore I feel myself more confident now being involved into different Horizon 2020 grant programs as European Commission independent expert. And, of course, meetings with my friends from IEDC can happen in any country now as we are very mobile!

Elena Rudeshko, Ukraine

Isaac Aggrey IEDC Executive MBA Experiences

My time at IEDC has been outstanding; an environment full of reflection, hard work and a positive way of life is a pure bliss. Each day at IEDC was like rusted steel in a burning furnace - I feel now stronger and more determined. The program is rich in content with an enviable worldwide renowned international faculty. This amazing journey has given me the ability to network and reflect coherently on a wide range of complex challenges. I am empowered and feel I can give now more and more to others to succeed in their quest. After finishing this program I’ve been more professional in all aspects of dealing with tough situations.

Isaac Quansah Aggrey, Ghana & South Africa

Hirotaka Miyahara IEDC Executive MBA Experiences

I was greatly impressed by the IEDC Executive MBA study. The knowledge and experience gathered in MBA class was impressive. I have learned so much from my fellow classmates, which now affects my managerial decision. The diversity and richness of thoughts and experiences each participant displayed during teamwork taught me about efficiency and pointing on people's individual strengths. "No one is perfect but a team can be" is one of the unforgettable things I have learned during MBA at IEDC.

Hirotaka Miyahara, CEO, Shark Bay Salt Pty Ltd, Japan

Miroslav Klepač IEDC Executive MBA Experiences

By drawing on cases discussed during the IEDC’s International Executive MBA I have a new perspective allowing me to quickly analyze and find solutions to various business problems. Working for a foreign-owned telecommunications company I especially benefit from “speaking the language of general management” and the level of self-confidence gained from the top class international lecturers at IEDC.

Miroslav Klepač,  Board Member, Croatia Osiguranje d.d. Zagreb, Croatia 

Boris Popovic IEDC Executive MBA Experiences

Knowledge gained at the IEDC helped me build on my carrier not only with the new knowledge and skills but also with the experience and confidence acquired true practical project-team work. It opens new aspects that help you to become aware that there are no problems that cannot be solved and that more you progress more knowledge you need, modesty and goodness and that you need more people who could help you with their knowledge and energy in transferring problems into opportunities.

Boris Popović, Chairman of the Board , Alarm Automatika d.o.o., Croatia

The success stories of our alumni is what makes us proud and reconfirms that what IEDC offers – a high quality executive education – has a lot of value and indirectly contributes to great changes in the communities that our alumni live in and work.

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