Living in Bled during studies

Discover breath-taking beauty of Bled, where IEDC-Bled School of Management creates an environment that helps managers focus on learning. It is a perfect combination of tranquillity and nature, inspiring learners to fully develop their potential.

Beauty of studying in Bled

The hectic, interconnected, modern business world inevitably leaves most managers juggling many activities at the same time. While many people would like to believe they are effective at multitasking (while few really are), no one would claim that dividing one’s attention into small, interrupted bursts of attention is really the best way to accomplish something, especially something important.

It’s difficult to imagine an activity that has more power to transform and enhance the abilities and effectiveness of a manager than learning. New skills and insights provided by a structured and guided learning process can create new opportunities for managers and their employers when thoughtfully integrated with the previous experience that managers bring to that learning process. Recognizing the benefits of learning but facing the demands of a hectic schedule, some managers try to schedule learning into small, disintegrated activities. This may be appealing from a practical perspective, but it is ultimately a compromise. Instinctively, we know we are more successful with any activity - including learning - when we can devote the undivided time and attention that activity requires.

At IEDC-Bled School of Management with have created an environment that helps managers focus on learning. The idyllic resort village of Bled, nestled in the foothills of the Julian Alps, is a setting that offers both natural beauty and tranquility. The school’s modern facilities are designed as both a setting for interactive engagement between learners and faculty and an art gallery. These elements combine to create an environment that is inspirational and fosters creativity and innovation through learning.

Learning is too important an activity to be treated like “fast food” and simply consumed in quick, small bites in between other activities. We encourage you to consider how the feasting on the immersive experience of studying at IEDC-Bled School of Management can better nourish your desire to advance your skills and the success of your organization.

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Nataliya Zangl

Nataliya Zangl, Russia

Executive MBA alumna,
Head of Internal Audit, PC ‘TransFin-M’

IEDC-Bled School of Management changed completely my concept of education. This is how it should be! Through and with IEDC I performed a long and very complex trip to the peak of my own personality.

The classes in IEDC are designed in a way which gives you an experience as it would be a real job situation. The School, its professors, classmates, on a ground of the magic Bled lake environment,  encourage you  for the creation of completely different, innovative approaches to business, leadership and life! In IEDC all details are devised perfectly. You’d hardly wished something when your desire was already realized.

Despite been already a manager at the time of my studies in IEDC, I got so many additional views and ideas regarding the management that I still implement many of them and there is no end of their applicability and actuality!

These were beautiful studies in a very creative environment! Thank you, IEDC!

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