IEDC Benefits

Our academic design team works closely with the client, often leading to valuable new insights about their true organizational and development needs.


  • We design and deliver fully integrated programs.
  • We create strong internal network of high potential managers
  • We Increase participants’ loyalty and commitment 
  • We provide feedback mechanism to create a talent pool of company’s future strategic leaders
  • We expose participants to views and experiences which have the potential of impacting their specific and general leadership competences for action
  • We align the participants’ values and priorities with those held by the organization
  • We energize participants and help them focus on purposeful action they should engage in, in order to reach the organizational objectives
  • We show to the participant’s possible ways of generating commitment, loyalty and pride from their team members and what it takes to lead others successfully
  • We enhance the ability to cope with complex business situations, which require integrated, cross functional view of business
  • We raise the management and leadership competence levels of the participants in selected areas (e.g. customer orientation, focus on the future, proactivity, responsible leadership and trust building, innovativeness, balancing priorities etc.)
  • We change participants‘ mindset in order to engage in breakthrough actions


If you have any questions related to our programmes or application procedures, we are here to help you.