Hidden Champions in CEE & Turkey (2011-2013)

Researchers:Prof. Danica Purg (IEDC Faculty), Prof. Peter McKiernan (University of Strathclyde, Scotland), Dr. Melita Rant (Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana), Dr. Ian Sutherland (IEDC Faculty), Prof. Arnold Walravens (IEDC Faculty), Dr. Peter Baloh (IEDC Faculty), Dr. Nenad Brkić (Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo), Denis Berberović (Faculty of Economics, University of Sarajevo), Pavel Lebedev (PhD student at IEDC Faculty).

A wide ranging, multinational research project, the Hidden Champions in CEE & Turkey undertaken by over 30 researchers and covered 15 countries from Russia to Albania, studied niche market, globally leading companies. A joint project between CEEMAN (International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies) and IEDC Faculty focused on the strategies and key success factors of dozens of company across many contexts, political systems, cultures and infrastructures. The research developed key insights into: strategic processes, leadership, performance drivers, financial models, business models, organizational culture, innovation and sustainability.

Research outputs: McKiernan, P. & Purg, D. (Eds) (2013). Hidden Champions in CEE and Turkey: Carving out a global niche. Heidelberg: Springer.


  • The Context of Hidden Champions (Peter McKiernan and Danica Purg)
  • Research Methodology (Melita Balas Rant)
  • Leadership of Hidden Champions: From Vision to Communityship (Ian Sutherland and Danica Purg)
  • Three Bivalent Performance Factors of Hidden Champions: Ownership, Organizational Culture and Organizational Governance (Arnold Walravens and Nenad Filipović)
  • Innovation Behaviour of Hidden Champions (Peter Baloh)
  • International Marketing (Nenad Brkić and Denis Berberović)
  • In Search of Sustainable Business in Central and Eastern Europe (Nadya Zhexembayeva)
  • Financial Aspects of HCs Business Models (Pavel Lebedev)
  • Hidden Champions of Albania (Vasilika Kume and Anisa Kume)
  • Hidden Champions of Belarus (Pavel Daneyko and Pavel Golenchenko)
  • Hidden Champions of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Nenad Brkić and Denis Berberović)
  • Hidden Champions of Croatia (Mislav Ante Omazić and Rebeka Danijela Vlahov)
  • Hidden Champions of Estonia (Rein Riisalu and Anu Leppiman)
  • Hidden Champions of Hungary (Mikloś Stocker and Péter Szlávik)
  • Hidden Champions of Latvia (Arnis Sauka)
  • Hidden Champions of the Republic of Macedonia (Mijalce Santa and Ljubomir Kekenovski)
  • Hidden Champions from Romania (Bogdan Rusu)
  • Hidden Champions of Russia (Irina I. Skorobogatykh, Olga V. Saginova, and Zhanna B. Musatova)
  • Hidden Champions of Serbia (Vesna Rašković Depalov, Marija Todorović, and Sanja Marinković)
  • Hidden Champions of Slovakia (Janka Táborecká-Petrovičová, Jaroslav Daado, and Tamara Bobáková
  • Hidden Champions of Slovenia (Melita Balas Rant)
  • Hidden Champions of Turkey (Türkan Yosun and Dilek Cetindamar)
  • Hidden Champions of Ukraine (Nataliia Palii and Viktor Oksenyuk)

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