Skilled Business Leaders for Skilled Europe (Lead4Skills) is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project bringing together 8 organizations from 7 different countries. Its objective is to provide higher education institutions (HEIs) with a comprehensive set of insights, guidelines and materials that would help develop more relevant and innovative management education offerings and study processes, based on the real needs of businesses and economies.

The project aims at exploring, identifying and assessing management and leadership development needs by focusing on:

  • challenges faced by businesses (particularly with respect to management and leadership issues);
  • exploration, identification and assessment of management and leadership development needs and how they may help address  challenges faced;
  • critical evaluation of the results achieved and impacts made by management education to date;
  • recommendations for learning partners, including specific guidelines, materials, and staff training.

The main needs and objectives of the project conform and addresses to Erasmus + program set fields as:

  • strengthening the cooperation and networking between education organizations in EU;
  • implementation of innovative practices using  best practices and partnership competences;
  • promotion of  the development of education systems;
  • improving the quality and relevance of higher education;
  • making the knowledge triangle work, including by inter-disciplinary cooperation;
  • promoting the development of new modes of delivery and exploiting and responding to new technologies in learning and teaching.

Website: http://lead4skills.ceeman.org/
Email: info@ceeman.org

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